Kyler Murray“Fully Committed To Becoming An NFL Quarterback”

Maybe the Dolphins won’t need to tank next year.

Because they may have a shot at this year’s Heisman trophy winner with the 13 th overall pick.

This after Kyler Murray ended months of speculation yesterday saying—well, tweeting, which is basically talking nowadays—that he is "fully committing my life and time to becoming an NFL quarterback."

The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner’s announcement comes just four days before he was scheduled to report to spring training with the Oakland Athletics.

Now it appears he’ll just be showing up there for a few minutes to return $1.29-million of the $1.5-million signing bonus money the A's gave him last year when he committed to playing baseball.

Murray also forfeits the remaining $3.16-million he would have received March 1 st but you don’t need a math degree—or really a fifth grade education—to know that should Murray go in the first round of the draft as many scouts are predicting , he will be signing a deal for tens of millions of dollars.

Which is why this news came as a surprise to no one—including A's manager Bob Melvin who said yesterday that Murray picking football wasn't "a shock to me."

Source: ESPN



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