Good News: Doctor Saves Hockey Teammate's Life During A Game


Jib Street has been playing hockey all his life, that’s what people do in his home country of Canada, and a recent pickup hockey game in North Carolina could’ve been his last, but one of his teammates turned out to be his hero. Street went into sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of a game at the Pineville Ice House, he was down on the ice and didn’t have a pulse for five minutes.

Luckily, he was playing with Dr. Craig Bryant, who happens to be an ER doc. He jumped into action and began CPR to keep Street’s heart viable while other players called 911 and got the ice center’s AED unit. The quick response saved Street and he’s made a full recovery, thanks to Bryant. And to show his gratitude for saving his life and being what Street calls his “guardian angel,” he gave Bryant his prize possession: a hockey jersey signed by the legendary Wayne Gretzky.

Source: Sunny Skyz


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