RCT To Provide Transportation To Help People Vote In Richland County

Take the RCT City bus to vote at The Board of Elections, 1495 W Longview Ave, Rear Entrance.

Rt. 9 W. Fourth St and Rt. 5 Springmill St will both be providing on call access to The Board of Elections. When boarding the bus at the transit center or along the route let the driver know that you would like to go vote and they will take you there.

For the return trip you must call 419 522-4504

For Rt 9 please call on the hour example 9:00.

For Rt 5 please call on the half hour example 9:30.

Rt 9 first bus to the deviate will be on the 8 am run and the last bus will be on the 4:00 pm run.

Rt 5 first bus will be on the 8:30 am run and last bus will be on the 4:30 pm run.

These services will be offered Mon thru Fri now thru the General Election Early Vote November 2, 2020. Regular fares, transfers and bus passes will be accepted for this service.