Ashland University to Host Speaker for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In partnership with the Division of Student Affairs at Ashland University, the Ashland Center for Nonviolence is hosting Dr. Pamela Brooks from Oberlin College to speak as part of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event on the AU campus.

The event will take place Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Jack and Deb Miller Chapel on the AU campus and Dr. Brooks’ presentation, “Lessons from King’s Riverside Speech,” will discuss the speech Dr. King gave in 1967 at the Riverside Church. In addition to the speaker, attendees will be challenged to keep Dr. King’s teachings top of mind through specific calls to action and additional events they can attend related to the topics of race, peace and nonviolence.

Dr. Brooks is chair and the Jane and Eric Nord associate professor of Africana Studies at Oberlin College. Her areas of expertise include African American history; African American women’s history; South African history; South African women’s history; Black Freedom Movement history; Black Feminist theories; and Black incarceration. She is author of the book “Boycotts, Buses, and Passes: Black Women's Resistance in the U. S. South and South Africa” (UMass Press). She is currently working on a collaborative book project with her father Owen Brooks, a Mississippi Freedom Movement veteran.


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