(Yahoo!) - Mom knows best — at least, that's what Debbie Rowe believes.

After her daughter Paris Jackson's suicide attempt on June 5, Rowe rushed to her side, and has remained a mainstay of support ever since. Between court hearings, doctor visits, and the ensuing media frenzy, the 54-year-old has played an active role in managing the 15-year-old's care. And now she's breaking her silence.

On Saturday, June 29, Rowe tweeted a message credited to Paris.

But even in the midst of this positive, public sentiment, drama (reportedly) continues. Rumors have been swirling that — while Paris has been under lock-down at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center — Rowe has conducted extensive research on adolescent centers around the country to find her daughter a place that might be a better fit.

And, it sounds like she has succeeded, settling on a facility in Utah.

The bad news? The powers-that-be at this particular rehab facility rejected the transfer request because they fear the onslaught of paparazzi that would inevitably come with the troubled teen, and might interfere with their other patients' care. While we feel badly for Paris if this is the case, we have to admit, they've got a point.


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